Motion chase

Attach pictures, masks, and captions to moving objects in a video

VSDC professional provides an inbuilt motion chase tool. It permits you to research the mechanical phenomenon of any moving object in a very video, record it, and assign that very same mechanical phenomenon to the other object you’ve adscititious with the scene: image, text, or mask. This implies you’ll be able to censor moving objects within the video, recreate memes, and simply add trendy, dynamic captions.

Edit the beat

Synchronize effects with the sound beat and turn out gorgeous music clips

We’ve developed “Edit the beat” for those operating with music videos. Victimization this tool, you’ll be able to synchronize any impact parameter with the sound of the beat. Apply it to form a dynamic audio spectrum, stunning music visualization, text “dancing” to the rhythm, or the other music animation you’ll be able to imagine.

AI Art generator

Use the facility of AI to show your video as a chunk of art

With the AI Art generator, VSDC professional permits you to attain an equivalent look in your videos as within the photos of the painter or van Gogh. The facility of machine learning makes this tool fully automatic and needs zero effort from you. All you wish is to transfer the specified guide from the library and apply it within the editor.

HSL intensity Key

takes away any unwanted colors from the footage: instantly and exactly

VCDC video editor

VSDC brings a flexible intensity key tool operative within the HSL (Hue Saturation Lightness) mode. It identifies and removes the chosen color from the video quickly and exactly with a straightforward eye dropper, so permits you to manually regulate the small print to form a lot of correct masks. Use it to get rid of a single-tone background or a particular color from the complete video.

Double speed

relish quicker impact process and rendering with hardware acceleration

the professional version of VSDC activates hardware acceleration by default. This implies a complicated impact process, in addition to project commercialism, which becomes considerably quicker. Hardware acceleration may be a must-have feature for those shooting in 4K and dealing with massive comes containing high-quality footage and multiple effects.

Mask tool

produces new compositions with a clipping mask, inverted mask & text mask

Masking is an imperative tool for a video creator. It helps you style new visuals by combining many objects in a scene. You’ll be able to use masking as a standalone impact or apply it in conjunction with zooming, motion chase, and mixing to recreate common effects from movies, music videos, and television shows.

Non-linear impacts

Success dynamics by manually adjusting effect intensity throughout the playback

One of the most important benefits of the professional version is having the ability to use non-linear parameter modification to effects, filters, and transitions in VSDC. This means, that rather than maintaining equivalent values throughout the complete impact period, you get to access the worth graph and manually modify it for any selected moment on the timeline.

Pro options

Unlock advanced transitions and effects to form high-quality videos.

VSDC professional users get access to an associate degree array of premium-level video effects and transitions not on the market within the free version. Add depth to your video and succeed in stunning, dramatic illusions with Shattered Glass, Paper burn, and Flow transformation effects, use advanced object animation, Face landmarks, and alternative options of the professional version.

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