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Rank Season Two

Season Starts 07/30 17:00 SGT
“Clash Squad Season Two Is Here! Rank Up To Gold III Or On Top Of To Receive The Clash Squad Exclusive Item – The Golden G18!”

New Item – Horizaline (Revive Kit)

Available In Classic

“Players Typically Don’t Get Revived By Their Teammates In Clash Squad As A Result Of The Constant Battle That Happens Round The Map. With The Introduction Of The Horizaline, Players Get To Own Another Likelihood To Affix The Battle Once They’ve Been Down. The Horizaline Is Quite Expensive However It Will Definitely Flip A Spherical In Your Favor.”

Aim Assist

Aim Assist Adjustment In Clash Squad

“We’ve Received Complaints That The Aim Assist Presently Rate Targets World Health Organization Area Unit Down Rather Than Those That Area Unit Still In Combat. This Drawback Is Very Annoying In Clash Squad Wherever Players Area Unit Perpetually Participating In Battles. We’re Adjusting The Mechanism Therefore Players Will Target The Enemies That Stay As Threats Before Finishing Them Off One By One. ”

New Spawn Island – “The Runway”

Spawn Island Retread

“It’s Been A Jiffy Since We Tend To Free A Current Spawn Island. Take A Glance And Allow Us To Acumen You Feel!”

Crouch & Uncrouch Mechanism

“It Came To Our Attention That Some Players Area Unit Put

Headshot Protection Once Huddled

ting In Scripts To Hit A Rapid Headshot By Un-crouching Very Quickly When Scoping In. Since This Action Leaves The Players On The Receiving Finish With No Likelihood To Counter Play, We Tend To Area Unit Progressing To Add A Minor Debuff Towards Headshot Harm Upon Un-crouching. This Modification Is Targeted Solely Towards Players World Health Organization Area Unit Abusing This Exploit, It Mustn’t Have An Effect On Traditional Game Play.”

Vehicles Update

Vehicle Speed Adjustment

“You Guys Asked And That We Delivered.”

Driving Mechanism

Optimized Speed Show And Max-speed Effects

“As We Tend To Increase The Speed Of Most Vehicles, We’re Conjointly Adding A Camera Movement Which Will Create Driving More Well-off. When The Update, The Camera Are Going To Be Zoomed Out Slightly Once Players Reach The Georgia Home Boy Speed Of The Vehicle. This Could Create The Driving Expertise Electric Sander Since The Motive Force Are Going To Be Able To See Additional Coming Objects And Obstacles Whereas Driving.”


Descending Speed Will Increase Once On Top Of A Precise Height

“We’re Creating Some Changes To The Gliders As A Result Of Players Area Unit Mistreatment Them As Associate Degree Item To Urge To Some Out Of Reach Spots Rather Than Mistreatment Them As A Tool To Land From High Altitudes Safely.”

Health Regeneration

Added A Limit On The Number Of Heath Which Will Be Restored Per Second.

“With The Introduction Of Latest Health Regeneration Mechanisms And Skills, It Came To Our Attention That Some Players Will Survive Outside The Playzone Method Longer Than Meant By Mistreatment All The Healing Talents And Things Quickly. We’re Taking A Number Of This Power Away To Avoid Players Obtaining BOOYAHs By Concealing Outside The Playzone.”

New Weapon – Gregorian Calendar Month

Available In Classic And Clash Squad (Rank & Classic)

“It Has Been A Jiffy Since We Tend To Free Associate Degree AR Into Free Hearth. The Gregorian Calendar Month Is An Especially Agile And Versatile Possibility Players Will Choose In-Game. The Pre-attached 2x Scope Permits Players To Instantly Have Interaction In Mid-range Combats And Also The Thirty-Five Rounds Magazine Is Very Helpful In Shut to Vary Things. Try The Gregorian Calendar Month With A Protracted Vary Weapon To Maximise Its Potency.”


Available All Told Modes

“Although The American State Is One In every one Of The all-time-favorite Weapons, It’s Definitely Underperforming Compared To The Highest ARs Within The Game. We Tend To Area Unit Restoring The Facility Of The American State A Small Amount By Minorly Increasing Its Stopping Power.”


Available All Told Modes

“Currently, The FAMAS Isn’t Agile Enough For It To Be Within The Prime AR List. We’re Giving It Thereforeme Extra Movement Speed So Players Will Have A Better Time Touring Between The 3-round-bursts.”


Available All Told Modes

“The M249 Isn’t Any Doubt One In Every Of The Weakest Discharge Weapons Presently. We’re Giving It A Serious Buff This Patch Therefore It Will Offer Suppressing Hearth Effectively.”


Available All Told Modes

“Although The SPAS Could Be A Prime Contestant In Harm Output In Purpose Black Vary, The Sharp Harm Drop-off Is That The Reason Why The SPAS Performs Considerably Worse Than The M1887 And M1014. We’re Giving The SPAS A Minor Buff This Patch To Shut Its Gap With Different SGs.”


Available All Told Modes

“The XM8 Has Been On The Highest Of The AR List For A Jiffy Currently. One In every one Of The Explanations Is As A Result Of This Weapon Is Therefore Versatile And Simple To Use. We’re Creating Thereforeme Changes To The XM8 This Patch So It’ll Have A Deeper Learning Curve.”

Weapon Presets

Available In TDM, Kill Secured, And Rampage

“We Received Feedback From The Players That The Weapon Presets Area Unit Too Restrictive As A Result Of It Solely Provided Four Sets Of Weapons. We’re Introducing A Replacement Weapon Choice Menu Therefore All The Players Will Select And Alter The Instrumentation They Require On Every Occasion They Revive.”

Big Head Mode

Parachute And Revive Mechanism Adjustment.

“We’re Adding New Mechanisms To The Large Head Mode Therefore Players Will Deploy And Rejoin The Battle Faster!”

Gun King (Squad)

Weapon Upgrade Mechanism Adjustment And Currently Supports 4v4.

“One Of The Largest Problems We Tend To Found With The First Gun King Was That Players Needed To Play With Their Friends, Though They’re On The Enemy Team. We’re Adding A 4v4 Twist To Gun King Therefore Players Will Currently Partner Up With Their Squad For A 4v4 Showdown!”

New Character – Luqueta

Available In Free Hearth Store.

“Are You Prepared For A Hat Trick?”

New Pet – Man. Waggoner

Coming Soon! “Are You Sick And Bored With Not Having Any Gloo Walls? Man. Waggoner Can Ensure You Usually Have A Gloo Wall Up Your Pocket!”

Hayato “Firebrand” – Returning Soon! “Our Second Woke Up Character – Hayato “Firebrand” Is Finally Here! Be A Part Of The Third Day Of Remembrance Event On 08/22 To Urge Him For FREE!”

Acting Club Leader

New Management System Intercalary

“From The Last Update, We Tend To Received Voluminous Regeneration On The Extra Management Tools We Tend To Intercalary To The Club. However, We Tend To Got Feedback That The Largest Pain Purpose Of Some Club Is Once The Club Leader Isn’t Any Longer Active. We’re Progressing To Add A System For Club Members To Vote For A Brief Club Leader That The Club Will Stay Active Even While Not Its Original Leader.”

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