High Heels! MOD APK 1.6.3 (Unlimited Money, No Ads)

High Heels! MOD APK could be a fun, bouncy multi-platform action game, developed by the producer Zynga. The sport is presently the fourth favorite app on automaton, favored on the iPhone, and is creating headlines on Tiktok.

High Heels!: once life is that the high heels

Silly however addictive

the sports world is wherever you discover all types of monstrosities during this life. Usually this game. In High Heels!, you may management the character walking on high heels. Not standard high heels as you may assume, however real “stilts” like this.

You, taking part in the role of a woman in a very excessiveness of characters from scratch, can begin your life by grouping as several heels as potential whereas walking on the obstacle-filled roads. A lot of heels you collect, the upper the shoe you’re walking. For what? To stay going and overcoming obstacles most subtly and with humor, to the purpose of being ridiculous like this. Every level goes on with increasing problems and density of obstacles, and after all, solely a try of a “high enough” heel will assist you to pass simply to continue successive spherical.

The addictive purpose of High Heels! Is at the tip of every obstacle. Once you pass a challenge, you may once fall on your face and lose a number of inches of heels. And you may get to notice another heel to place on; otherwise, you don’t expect to pass the amount. The unsteady, wobbly gait however terribly skillful of the woman and also the thrill of losing a number of heels area unit each terribly fun and attention-grabbing.

Nervous, however, don’t assume an excessive amount of High Heels! Victimization identical to gameplay as step Run or Tower Run, terribly quiet and utterly comfy. No enemies, no final bosses, no sensational dynamic moves. Your sole enemy is that the obstacles within the road and yourself. The final word goal of High Heels! Terribly clear, no activity from the start: climb to the highest at the last level. Once every success, there was a circle of fans around to throw fireworks to congratulate them sky-high. It’s terribly motivating and happy.

High Heels! In my opinion, it’s one in every of the rare short games that have several components in one: fashion, fashionable however still terribly basic gameplay, funny however well-tuned, nervous, however no brain hacking. Observance this straightforward, easy gameplay level like this, you’ll be able to perceive why young, old, and kids will play proficiently simply.

Generally, whereas awaiting somebody, you’ll be able to play this game to pass the time or maybe blogging whereas taking part in. No problem.

But you need to have some tricks

Like several alternative games, you mostly have an exact need to immerse yourself within the challenges of High Heels!. And to induce to the last level, you may get to pass the previous rounds with the upper score potential. Doing this can be tough. Additionally to grouping enough heels to travel on the method, it’s necessary to remember:

  • notice the simplest way to beat the obstacles at the bottom points as a result of a lot of you bit the high, a lot of heels are lost.
  • Of the loops, the foremost tough is that the rope-riding challenge. In these scenes, it’s best to induce right within the middle of the string, keeping the character’s hand as steady as the potential to not lose the balance.
  • You can additionally take a selfie and create a lot of excitement by grouping a lot of gems on the method. There area unit of enough from 600 gems to exchange for a brand new skin. There area unit some terribly cool and stylish things like puppy baggage, choker necklaces, angel wings. However, rather like in reality, the garments or accessories that I bought simply facilitate ME get a lot of lovely and a lot of impressed to continue taking part in, no matter ability or the peak of the heels. Especially, Zynga is kind of “addicted to advertising”, thus if you with patience watch 2-3 ads once one spherical, you’ll be able to even unlock a brand new character.
  • But bear in mind to not get too held within the reward, as several gems area units stuck somewhere within the corner of the obstacle. If you specialize in it, you’ll be able to simply represent the lure and lose loads of heels.
  • The enticing art vogue, versatile gait of the character over and over makes ME engrossed in observance. No matter what you are doing, bear in mind to not get distracted, however, specialize in the road ahead as a result of a lot of obstacles that come back later, a lot of obstacles, and that they invariably seem unexpectedly.

Super psychological: Real queen or drag queen

High Heels! Quite psychological once from the primary level, the default has given the player to decide on from a spread of characters, from fiery Nicky to handsome agents or maybe aliens.

This is additionally the issue that creates its infective agent speed thus quick. Whether or not you’re associate degree workplace woman, a married woman, or a man, you’ll be able to play High Heels while not being back in crowds. I will select a handsome Agent forty-seven once observance three ads. The male character sporting the drag queen shoes is extremely cool, isn’t it? Many people assume that the sport is making an attempt to prolong the length, and once a number of a lot of updates, it’s not identified what percentage levels area unit left. However, this can be precisely the great thing about this sort of thought-free-time-killing game. It suits folks that love fashion, loves strange ideas, wishes to immerse themselves within the bawdy feeling of a classy game however don’t wish to waste an excessive amount of energy only for diversion.

And yet, the sport additionally dubbed a number of very short however effective cheers, creating ME each funny and attention-grabbing. You’ll hear the phrase “Yass queen pop off”. Then at the tip of the amount, there’s “As you should” in a very mechanism voice.

MOD APK version of High Heels!

MOD options

Unlimited cash No Ads transfer High Heels! MOD APK for automaton in person, I score 8/10 on the High Heels! Within the genre of short diversion games. The gameplay is compact, terribly easy. Simple to grasp, play is addictive. Timely graphics, trendy however additionally terribly minimalistic things, most of that area unit simply blocks of color that area unit harmonic with one another. The characters, except at the initial choice, the sole remaining face are often seen on the rear, thus it helps the developer “create” communicatory things.

The characters’ movements area unit is quite rhythmical. The foremost obvious one is that her brother might still walk properly once she gathered the lanky heel. The challenges don’t seem to be too tough, however taking part in for a short while additionally gets mad from time to time, particularly once you walk on the wire. The music consists in keeping with the character taking part in and also the obstacle’s level and is usually terribly “catwalk” music. Anyone United Nations agency likes fashion music of all types should play through this game.

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