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The Description Of Errant: Hunter’s Soul

Next-generation Team Looking MMORPG With Extreme Graphics! Brand New Combat Mechanisms, Restrain Behemoths With The Force Of The Hunter Soul, And Switch Between Seven Distinctive Sorts Of Weapon Freely.
Form Your Looking Squad Together With Your Friends, Explore The Realistic Surroundings Of The Geographical Area Of The Behemoths, And Fight Large Monsters In Action-packed Battles.
Be Either The Hunter Or The Hunted!

Chap. One On The Far Side The Walls

After Gotterdammerung, The Human Survivors Rose From The Ruins Once More And Established A Replacement Civilization Known As Errant, For This World Has Been Betrayed By The Gods.
Around 600 Years Past, The Dominion Of Errant Was Vulnerable By A Bunch Of Mysterious Monsters. Cities Were Planar, And Few Victims Were Left Alive. The Weapons Of The Troopers Barely Penetrated The Monsters’ Hides. They are Known¬† It Appeared Solely A Matter Of Your Time Before All Of Humanity Perished.

Chap. Two Hunter Soul Awakens

Those Who Were Ready To Wield The Hunter Soul Assembled And Shaped The Order Of Rangers.
In The Following Centuries, The Rangers Fought At The Battlefront Once Morest The Behemoths And Saved Errant From Their Threats Once More And Again, However With Nice Sacrifices. Despite The Eminent Defense Against Many Behemoth Crises, The Dominion Had Lost An Excellent Portion Of Its Territory, That Became A Dangerous Geographical Area Roamed By The Behemoths.
Later, The War Called The “Coldraven Rebellion” Poor Out. Each The Dominion And Therefore The Rangers Suffered Greatly From This Disaster. And Therefore The Latter Was Virtually On The Verge Of Calling It Quits.

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