Dead Zed MOD APK 1.2.6 (Unlimited Money)

Enjoy the thrilling and exciting shooter gameplay on your mobile devices with the Dead letter as you dive into this immersive zombie apocalypse world. Be at liberty to shoot down as several zombies as you wish whereas they’re charging at you in giant numbers. Discover the in-depth gameplay wherever you need to notice how to survive the zombie apocalypse. In conjunction with the assistance of friends and different survivors, you’ll build up your base and build your stance against these mindless monsters. Make use of the huge weapon arsenal that includes the foremost powerful and effective guns that you just might ever imagine. Unleash powerful shots, and with a bit of facilitation from your fellow survivors, you would possibly survive this zombie apocalypse. Find out a lot regarding this superb game with our reviews.


The game begins with you, the most character, wakening within the middle of a zombie apocalypse. With very little clues of however and why this had happened, however, you recognize one factor, you need to do everything inside your power to undertake to survive this black event. It is the latter same on the published that you’ll need to blockage for forty days to attend for the rescue forces. The in the meantime, you’ll need to affect waves of hungry and dangerous zombies, one once another, during this final living challenge. With your trustworthy guns, you quickly defend yourself from the zombies. And a lot of necessary, survivors have begun to gather at your base soliciting for facilitate. You quickly take them in, and along, you’ll inure the endless zombie assaults within the next forty days. However, since you’re having a lot of and a lot of folks within the base, your resources are not any longer enough to sustain them. Hence, you need to transmit search parties to seem for added resources and weapons. Check that your temporal arrangement is correct so your team won’t encounter zombies in their quests. With new guns and different helpful resources, you’ll be able to begin militarisation the guy survivors and have them doing the work for you, from defensive the bottom to repairing things. Build the foremost of what you’ve gotten if you want to measure once facilitate finally arrives.


Here you’ll notice all the exciting options that the sport must offer:

Simple and habit-forming zombie shooter game

Quickly reload or switch to a replacement gun to continue shooting at them. If you like killing these nasty monsters, then forty days in Dead letter are the simplest time of your life. Be at liberty to select up multiple guns that square measure on the market within the game and unleash your heart powers toward them as you are attempting your best to survive. However, don’t consider the sport as simple because it might sound. With a lot of powerful zombies that square measure looking forward to you within the latter days, it’ll take heaps of skills to form it through before the military arrives.

Make uses of your powerful arsenal to affect zombies attacks

And to help you with the zombie-killing business, the sport additionally options dozens of various weapons that you just will have access to throughout your journey. End up taking down zombies victimization multiple weapons. Use your handgun within the early stages to affect the weak ones that square measure searching you down within the early stages of the sport. And after you have survived long enough, you’ll be able to begin memorizing powerful assault rifles or shotguns to affect some serious damages to the nasty monsters. On high of that, the sport even options powerful weapons just like the launcher that may simply take down multiple targets at a time. Scavenging the various locations to seem for brand spanking new weapons as you are attempting to escape the zombies. And last however not least, since you’ll be able to solely bring 2 weapons with you for every spherical, it’s necessary that you just decide them up fastidiously.

Unlock new locations as you progress

additional into the sport, you’ll quickly notice that staying in one place isn’t as safe because it appears. Currently that the zombies have proverbial wherever you’re staying, they’ll solely keep coming for a lot of. That being the same, there isn’t an associate degree fully safe hideaway wherever you’ll be able to obtain protection. Thus, your sole approach to living this apocalypse event is to stay moving forward. Begin your journey within the neighborhood and unceasingly switch between completely different locations as you go. Fight the zombies where you go, from associate degree agricultural neighborhood to associate degree abandoned town. Protect your bases from multiple zombie attacks thus you’ll be able to keep safe at your hideouts for as long as you’ll be able to.

Multiple zombies with escalating powers

The longer you’re ready to survive this endless nightmare, the stronger and a lot of varied zombies that you’ll need to face. End up fighting against the toughest zombies that may still survive once dozens of bullets.

Upgrade your weapons to effectively affect the zombies

That being the same, if you don’t quickly have your weapons upgraded before succeeding waves of zombies approach you, then the fate that’s on the brink of happening is often quite tragic. As luck would have it, in Dead letter, players square measure allowed to access multiple upgrade choices on their weapons. Increase their firing rate, power up the military capability, and more.

Multiple objectives and achievements to complete

Here in the Dead letter, you’re allowed to select up multiple objectives and achievements as you’re taking on the missions. Complete these requests and you’ll earn yourself some satisfying loots.

Never lose your in-game progress

Gamers in Dead letter can ne’er notice themselves losing their save files with the helpful online cloud saves. Once you are doing, your progress is mechanically saved online for straightforward syncs. 

Free to play

And despite all the exciting options, the sport remains presently free for humanoid gamers to relish on their mobile devices. All you would like to try and do is to transfer and install the sport from the Google Play Store. However, since it’s freemium, you’ll still pay some in-app purchases to relish the sportfully. If that’s bothering you, then you may definitely notice our mod version of the sport fascinating.

Enjoy the sport to the fullest with our mods

Build uses of your unimaginable hearth powers to require down something that stands in your approach. Simply transfer our Dead letter Mod APK and you’ll be able to begin enjoying these distinctive options.

Visual and sound quality 

With immersive 3D graphics, humanoid gamers can notice themselves fully hooked to the present epic independent agency from Not physicist. On high of that, the realistic blood effects can build things look further real.

How To Install Dead letter APK with OBB file

  1. APK install it on your device, don’t open the app.
  2. Extract the OBB file to /SDCARD/Android/OBB/com.notdoppler.deadzed. Make sure that the OBB file ( sits inside the com.notdoppler.deadzed folder.
  3. Start the sport once more. Enjoy!

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