AttackHole MOD APK1.0.14, Unlimited Plutocrat

Can You Move The Black Hole To Swallow The Arms Down The Hole Like A Hoard Master? Your Quest Is Easy In Attack Hole.

The Timepiece Is Ticking, Tik Tok, Tik Tok, Will You Succeed To Swallow All Of The Arms Down The Hole Before The Time Is Up? Choose Your Fave Black Hole Design And Go Like A Hoard Master In The Field Full Of Munitions And Try To Clear It! For The Bigger Weapon, You Will Need A Bigger Black Hole To Swallow Indeed The Biggest Ordnance, Losers, And Pellets! The Black Hole Cut All The Munitions Taking Them Down The Hole.

In The End, You Will Have To Fight The Adversary With All The Munitions You Gathered In The Arcade Hole. Can You Beat Them With All The Arms You Swallowed Down The Hole? Play Attack Hole Now!

Attack Hole MOD APK-Unlimited Coffers Features Preface

The Unlimited Coffers Of The MOD APK Mean That You Will Have Inexhaustible Diamonds And Gold Coins( Game Currency, Coffers), And You Can Use Them In The Attack Hole Store, Upgrade, Build, Develop, Etc.

Any Use Of Consumables To Unleash Props, Skins, Munitions, Chops, Characters, And Other Content For Free And Snappily. Wireless Coffers Will Help You Infinitely Strengthen The Game Process And Pass The Position Briskly; with Nearly Invincible Character Strength; A Complete Experience Of Any Individualized Content.

There Is A Lot Of Content In The Attack Hole Game That Needs To Be Attained By Consuming In-Game Coffers. Only By Carrying These Coffers Can You Do To The Next Step Easily. This Will Consume A Lot Of Time And Energy.

Unlimited Coffers Mean That You Will No Longer Need To Unleash These Coffers. And Forced To Repeat The Game Process, A Clumsy Experience, And Unsupportable Fatigue. Unlimited Coffers Will Fully Free Your Hands, And Enjoy The Game Plot And Gorgeous Fighting Experience To The Fullest!

AttackHole Preface

AttackHole Is A Veritably Popular Hall Game Lately, It Gained A Lot Of Suckers All Over The World Who Love Arcade Games. However, As The World’s Largest Mod Apk Free Game Download Point– Moddroid Is Your Stylish Choice If You Want To Download This Game.

Moddroid Not Only Provides You With The Rearmost Interpretation Of AttackHole1.0.14 For Free But Also Provides Unlimited Plutocrat Mod For Free, Helping You Save The Repetitious Mechanical Task In The Game, So You Can Concentrate On Enjoying The Joy Brought By The Game Itself.

Moddroid Promises That Any AttackHole Mod Will Not Charge Players Any Freights, And It Is a 100 Safe-deposit Box, Available, And Free To Install. Just Download The Moddroid Customer, And You Can Download And Install AttackHole1.0.14 With One Click. What Are You Staying For, Download Moddroid And Play!


Dispensable To Say, Attack Hole Is A Copy Of The Famous Donut County Game On Console And PC Platforms. There Is Also A Environment Where A Mysterious Black Hole Appears, Moving Around To Eat Everything In The World And Come Bigger And Stronger.

With The Same Preface, Attack Hole Has A Way Of Turning Everything On Its Own Line. This Game Is Thus Further And Further Different From Donut County.

Attack Hole Mod APL

Specifically, The Player Moves The Black Hole To Swallow Everything, Especially Swallowing A Series Of Muscular Arms Down The Black Hole. Black Holes Can Now Be Viewed As A Vast Storehouse.

The Further Effects You Eat, The Further You Expand In Size And At The Same Time Increase In Strength. Also, The Game Will Take You To The Utmost Ferocious Monster In The Land. You Use The Munitions You Have Swallowed To Use The Capability To Destroy The Adversary. This Is The “story ” Part That Is Different From Donut County.

Unique Gameplay

AttackHole As A Popular Arcade Game And Its Unique Gameplay Has Helped Him Gain A Large Number Of Suckers Around The World. Unlike Traditional Arcade Games, In AttackHole, You Only Need To Go Through The Neophyte Tutorial, So You Can Fluently Start The Whole Game And Enjoy The Joy Brought By The Classic Arcade Game AttackHole1.0.14. At The Same Time, Moddroid Has Especially Erected A Platform For Arcade Game Suckers, Allowing You To Communicate And Partake With All Arcade Game Suckers Around The World, What Are You Staying For, Join Moddroid And Enjoy Arcade Game With Global Mates Come Happy

Control The Black Hole, Eat Everything You Can

The Utmost Edacious Objects In This Galaxy Are Presumably Black Holes. It Appears Wherever It Is In Space, Can Still Attract Everything Large And Small Into Its Belly And Make Them Vanish Ever. Black Holes Exclude All Energy And Vitality Of All Effects And Still Have A Lot Of Mystifications With Indeed Notorious Scientists.

Applying This Principle In The Game, The Inventor Attack Hole Has Given A Specific Task To The Player Quite Simply As Follows. You Move Your Black Hole, Adroitly Penetrating All Coffers, Including Food, Drink, Ordnance, Ammunition, And Muscular Arms( Coming From Certain Unfortunate Victims).

Beautiful Screen

Like Traditional Arcade Games, AttackHole Has A Unique Art Style, And Its High- Quality Plates, Charts, And Characters Make AttackHole Attract A Lot Of Hall Suckers, And Compared To Traditional Arcade Games, AttackHole1.0.14 Has Espoused A Streamlined Virtual Machine And Made Bold Upgrades.

With Further Advanced Technology, The Screen Experience Of The Game Has Been Greatly Bettered. While Retaining The Original Style Of The Arcade, Maximum It Enhances The Stoner’s Sensitive Experience, And There Are Numerous Different Types Of Apk Mobile Phones With Excellent Rigidity, Icing That Each Arcade Game Sucker Can Completely Enjoy Happiness Brought By AttackHole1.0.14

The Position Is Fun But Also Quite Challenging And Time-limited

Come To The Utmost Important Black Hole In The Universe, A Master Hoarder With Numerous Mystification Achievements, And Help The Black Hole Swallow As Numerous Particulars As Possible. Don’t Lose Anything Indeed If You Suppose Those Arms Are Useless.

Notice, The Timepiece Is Ticking, And Each Position Has A Time Limit. Keep A Relaxed Atmosphere But Focus On The Difficulties That Are In Front Of You Continuously, Without Stopping.

The General Rule Of An Attack Hole Is That If You Move To An Item Equivalent To The Periphery Of The Black Hole Or Lower, The Black Hole Will Automatically Swallow The Item. With Larger Munitions, You Will Need A Large Black Hole In Terms Of Size To Swallow.

Attack Hole Mod APL

Still, You Will Gently Move It Around To Produce Just The Right Quantum Of Suction, Causing The Objects To Joggle Slightly, If The Item To Be Recaptured Is Lapped Or Scattered Among Other Objects. When The Vibration Is Enough, The Item Will Be Dropped, Now You Just Gently Enter It And Swallow It.

Collecting Stuff Is Fun, But Flashback That The Ultimate Thing In This Casual Game Is To Get As Numerous Unique Munitions Into The Black Hole As Possible. The Arms Too Will Give You Further Power And Give You Remarkable Inflexibility In Boss Battles.

Unique Mod

The Traditional Hall Game Requires Druggies To Spend A Lot Of Time Accumulating Their Wealth/ Capability/ Chops In The Game, Which Is Both The Feature And Fun Of The Game, But At The Same Time, The Accumulation Process Will Inescapably Make People Feel Tired, But Now, The Emergence Of Mods Has Rewritten This Situation. Then, You Do Not Need To Spend The Utmost Of Your Energy And Reprise The Slightly Boring” Accumulation”. Mods Can Fluently Help You Forget This Process, Thereby Helping You Concentrate On Enjoying The Joy Of The Game Itself

Minimalist Graphics, Also Quite OK, But Not Yet Made An Print

Attack Hole Is Designed In A Minimalist Style. Both Monsters Appear In The Game As Well As A Colored Bubble Doll With No Specific Identity. All Munitions, Obstacles, And Other Collectibles Are Rendered In Minimalist 3D. Still, Attack Hole Is At A Position That Can Make You Satisfied, Not Too Eye-catching If You Don’t Anticipate Too Important From An Extraordinarily Beautiful Game.

The Sound Used As The Background Music For The Game Is Also Quite Monotonous, But It Creates A Fresh And Energetic Feeling.

Attack Hole MOD APK Advantages :

Attack Hole Is An Arcade Game, Which Has Distinctive Characteristics. However, You Can Download The Attack Hole MOD APK Version, If You Just Want To Witness The Features Of Arcade Games. The MOD Version Will Significantly Reduce The Difficulty Of The Game, Allowing You To Customize The Difficulty Of The Game You Want, And Immerse Yourself In The Retro Style Of The Arcade To Fluently Witness The Game.

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Just Click The Download Button To Install The Moddroid APP, You Can Directly Download The Free Mod Version AttackHole1.0.14 In The Moddroid Installation Package With One Click, And There Are Further Free Popular Mod Games Waiting For You To Play, Are Staying For, Download It Now!

Download Attack Hole APK For Android

A Bit Sorry For The Graphics, But It Is True That In Order To Come A True Casual Game That Everyone Can Access And Play On All Mobile Bias, Maybe This Position Of Graphics Is Necessary. Will You Overcome All The Adorable Challenges In Attack Hole And Come To The Utmost Important Black Hole In The Galaxy?

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